Improve your paddling with Starboard Paddler Evelyn O’Doherty

Evelyn is back for a weekend of paddling, racing and more! She will be joining us for 3 special classes for all you aspiring racers and seasoned paddlers looking for an edge!

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Friday, June 28th: 6 PM-8 PM
Beginners SUP & Sunset Clinic

Experience the beauty of being out on the water for a sunset paddle and acquire the skills to make you a strong, confident paddler!  Evelyn’s clinic create your proper foundation for paddling, looking at key elements of stroke technique, balance and water awareness.  She will guide you through the core elements of body alignment and phases of the paddle stroke as well as give you drills & skills you can take home with you to practice on your own!  Individualized instruction and attention.  A lot of fun on the water too!  Start this season well by developing the knowledge and body awareness you need to make it a fantastic summer paddling on the water!

Saturday, June 29th: 9 AM-11:30 AM
Advance Your Stroke

As a stand up paddle race coach, Evelyn has great success in instilling a sense of courage, willingness to dig deep and maintain an overall sense of FUN for her students while racing. This clinic is a light-hearted introduction into technique and the elements of stand up paddle racing.  Evelyn will teach you the difference between a racing stroke and a leisure paddle technique, show you how to put your whole body into creating power and momentum on the board, have you practice race starts, buoy turns, interval work and finishing with fire.  If you want to discover MORE about the world of paddling and/or refine your stoke for quicker cadence and power, this 2.5-hour clinic is for you.

Sunday, June 30th: 11 AM-1 PM
Coastal Paddling (Wind & Current)

In this clinic you will learn to read the ocean to anticipate wind & current. Learn skills to enter and exit the surf break safely. Understand your balance in moving water and learn how to use your paddle to ‘brace’. Experience the thrill of the open water as we take a short tour along the coastline talking about cadence, stance and technique to keep you standing and comfortable in a variety of conditions.

Evelyn O’Doherty

Evelyn O’Doherty is a Starboard National Team Rider and Kialoa ambassador from East Hampton NY. She offers progressive paddle clinics throughout the North East every summer and, in winter, hosts multiple stand up paddle & yoga retreats around the world. She is a nationally ranked SUP racer who has spent numerous hours on the water perfecting her stroke to compete against elite racers across the country.Her skill as a waterwoman, teacher, and yoga instructor will help you grow in your confidence and performance on the water. You can find out more about her & her upcoming retreats at

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