Improve your paddling with Starboard Paddler Evelyn O’Doherty

Evelyn is back for a weekend of paddling, racing and more! She will be joining us for 4 special classes, organized to coincide with the Newport SUP Cup for all you aspiring racers and seasoned paddlers looking for an edge!

Friday, August 18th: 9 AM – 11 AM
Advanced Stroke Technique

Paddlers will focus on the larger muscle groups appropriate for power paddling (i.e. racing), looking specifically at cadence and technique.  We will spend 20 minutes or so on land, activating those muscle groups through a dynamic warm up and talking about the 3 phases of a paddle stroke:  The Catch phase, the Power phase and the Return.  Each portion of the stroke will be broken down and highlighted in detail to discuss the power behind it.

Next, we will get out on the water to practice.  Paddlers will focus on having ‘gears’ to shift in their paddle stroke (both upshifting and downshifting have their benefits) and practice a few drills and race starts on the water.  Finally, we’ll go for a good, strong power paddle incorporating some interval work to develop speed and stamina.  Two hours of fun and instruction.  PFD’s and leashes are required.

Friday, August 18th: 3 PM – 5 PM
Open Water Instruction

Paddlers will learn about navigating rougher waters, learning to navigate conditions including wind, chop and swell.  The weather is never perfect when we paddle.  We need to understand how to manage a variety of different kinds of conditions in order to (1) paddle more efficiently; and (2) be safe on the water.

This clinic will include a 20 min on land discussion of various hazards we can encounter in open water and include a warm up to activate the body for a stronger paddle. Technique instruction will include (1) foot placement & paddling into a strong headwind, (2) body mechanics & balance of managing a side wind or downwind run and (3) paying attention to details in order to ‘read’ the water.  We will then head out onto the open bay for a fun excursion experimenting with the dynamics of rougher conditions.  We will paddle into a headwind, side wind and practice downwind conditions in our paddle.  Make sure you eat a big lunch before hand!  PFD’s and leashes are required.

Saturday, August 19th – RACE DAY at Newport SUP Cup


Sunday, August 20th: 9 AM – 11 AM
Entry Level Paddle Clinic for Beginners and/or Post Race Paddle

This clinic will cover the key elements of a paddle stroke, including the Catch, Power and Release phases.  We will start on land with a brief warm up to ready the body for paddling and discuss paddle grip, positioning and power.

Then, we will go over the 3 phases of the paddle stroke.  After paddlers are warmed up, we will hit the water to practice technique.  Staying in the flat water to start, each paddler will receive individual instruction on his/her stroke. We will dial everyone in to a strong basic starting point before we head out to larger waters. Next, we will head up the marina toward the channel to practice the three phases of stroke.  Safety issues will be discussed as well as trouble shooting changing conditions so paddlers learn how to take care of themselves in the event of changing wind, current or conditions.  This is a fun, easy paddle for everyone. PFDs and leashes are required.

Sunday, August 20th: 3 PM – 5 PM
After Race Stoke Clinic & Stoke Fest

Let’s break it down!  How did you do?  What did you WISH you could do?  How do I train for the next one?  Paddlers will come together with Starboard team rider Evelyn O’Doherty to discuss their experiences from the Newport SUP Cup and decide how they want to improve.  Evelyn will take the feedback from the group to dial in her instruction to answer questions, give suggestions and allow everyone to leave with something to work on to UP their game for the next event.  Pre-race and Post-race nutrition and hydration will be discussed.  Mental strategies for competition will be covered.  Clif Bars for everyone!  A good strong paddle to revitalize those tired muscles and ease the recovery will be a part of this clinic experience.  We hope everyone from the Newport SUP Cup can attend this fun, post-party event.  PFDs & leashes are required.

Evelyn O’Doherty is a Starboard National Team Rider and Kialoa ambassador from East Hampton NY. She offers progressive paddle clinics throughout the North East every summer and, in winter, hosts multiple stand up paddle & yoga retreats around the world. She is a nationally ranked SUP racer who has spent numerous hours on the water perfecting her stroke to compete against elite racers across the country.Her skill as a waterwoman, teacher, and yoga instructor will help you grow in your confidence and performance on the water. You can find out more about her & her upcoming retreats at

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