Great Deals on New and Used Kayaks

Recreational Kayaks

ManufacturerModelLength/WidthNew or Used?ColorMSRPSale PriceSale %
Old TownHeron Jr. Kids7' 5" x 25"NSunrise$349$29915%
Old TownLoon 10610' 6" x 31"NALL$899$76415%
Old TownLoon 12612' 6" x 31"NALL$999$84915%
Wilderness SystemsAspire 10010' x 27.5"NALL$779$61920%

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

ManufacturerModelMaterialLength/WidthNew/UsedColorMSRPSale Price% Savings
Feel FreeNomadPlastic9' 6" x 29"NALL$529$47510%
Wilderness SystemsTarpon 100Plastic10' x 30.5"NALL$739$63515%

Fishing Kayaks

ManufacturerModelMaterialLength/WidthNew/UsedColorMSRPSale PriceSale %
HobiePro Angler 14 (2017)Plastic13' 8" x 38"NYellow$3,549$3,19410%
HobiePro Angler 12 (2017)Plastic12' x 36"NYellow$3,399$2,99112%
Native WatercraftUltimate FX 12Plastic12' 2" x 30.5"NALL$1,299$89931%
Wilderness SystemsA.T.A.K. 120Plastic12' 3" x 35"NMango$1,649$1,27425%
Wilderness SystemsA.T.A.K. 140Plastic14' 1" x 34"NALL$1,799$1,47920%
Wilderness SystemsTarpon 130XPlastic13' x 32" NALL$1,469$1,19920%

Mid Size Touring Kayaks

ManufacturerModelMaterialLength/WidthNew/UsedColorMSRPSale Price% Savings
Current DesignsVision 120 SPComposite12' x 23"NewALL$1,899$1,49920%
Current DesignsVision 140 w/ rudderComposite14' x 24"NewYellow/Smoke$2,099$1,49929%
Current DesignsKestrel 140 w/rudderComposite14' x 26"NewRed/Smoke$2,199$1,55030%
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 120, pre 2018Plastic12' x 25.5"NewALL$1,049$69935%
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 140, pre 2018Plastic14' x 24"NewALL$1199$74938%
Wilderness SystemsTsunami 140 w/ Rudder, pre 2018Plastic14' x 24"NewALL$1,419$89937%
Feel FreeAventura 110Plastic10' 10" x 27"NewALL$679$45035%

Full Size Sea Kayaks

ManufacturerModelMaterialLength/WidthNew/UsedColorMSRPSale Price% Savings
Current DesignsSukaComposite16' 6" x 21"NewCaribbean$3,499$2,97415%
North Shore Sea KayaksAtlantic LVComposite15' 11" x 22"NewCall for colors$3750$3,00020%
North Shore Sea KayaksAtlanticComposite16' 11" x 22"NewCall for colors$3750$3,00020%
Valley Sea KayaksSironaComposite16'DemoRed/White/Black$3,999$3,599
Valley Sea Kayaks Etain 17.7 Old StylePlastic17'7"NewYellow
Valley Sea Kayaks Avocet LVComposite15' 11" x 20.5"NewVarious $3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Etain 17.1Composite17' 1" x 21" NewVarious$3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Etain 17.5Composite17' 5" x 21.25"NewVarious $3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Etain 17.7Composite17' 7" x 21.5"NewGolden Yellow or White$3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Gemini SPComposite14' 10" x 22"NewVarious$3,750$3,00020%
Valley Sea Kayaks Gemini STComposite14' 10" x 21.25"NewVarious $3,750$3,00020%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 15-10 Composite15' 10" x 21.5"NewVarious $3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 15-10 CKCarbon Kevlar15' 10" x 21.5"NewViolet $4,695$3,75620%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 16-1 Composite16' 1" x 22"NewVarious $3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 16-4 Composite16' 4" x 22.5"NewBright Green or White$3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Nordkapp Forti Composite17' 10" x 21"NewGolden Yellow or White$3,999$3,19920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Etain 17.7 RMPlastic 17' 7" x 21.5"NewRed or Yellow $1,999$1,59920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Gemini SP RMPlastic 14' 10" x 22"NewOrange, Red or Granite$1,999$1,59920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 15-10 RMPlastic 15' 10" x 21.5"NewRed, Orange, or Yellow$1,999$1,59920%
Valley Sea Kayaks Sirona 16-1 RMPlastic 16' 1" x 20.75"NewYellow or Orange $1,999$1,59920%
North Shore Sea KayaksAtlantic LV RMPlastic15' 11" x 22"New$1,899$1,51920%
North Shore Sea KayaksAtlantic RmPlastic16' 11" x 22"New$1,899$1,51920%

Stand Up Paddleboards

ManufacturerModelMaterialLength/WidthNew/UsedMSRPSale Price% Savings
BicAce-TecAce-Tec9'6" x 28"New$699$48930%
StarboardPocket TourStarshot Blue10'6" x 29.5"New$1,399$99530%
StarboardAll Star 14' x 24.5"Hybrid Carbon14' x 24.5"New$2,199$1,75920%
StarboardAll Star 12' 6" x 28"Hybrid Carbon 12' 6" x 28"New$2,199$1,75920%
StarboardAll Star 12' 6" x 26"Hybrid Carbon12' 6" x 26"New$2,199$1,75920%
StarboardAceCarbon Sandwich12'6" x 25"New$3,999$2,40040%
StarboardWindSUP Waterman PackageAST12' 2" x 30"New$1,999$1,59920%
SurftechGenerator 10' 6" TekeFXComposite10' 6" x 32"New$1,349$1,07920%
SurftechChameleon 11' 4" TekeFXComposite11' 4" x 31"New$1,199$95920%
SurftechBark DownwinderPro-Elite (High density foam and fiberglass)12'6" x 27"New$2,299$1,59930%
SurftechSport Touring TekeFXComposite12' 6" x 29"New$1,599$1,27920%
SurftechBark Vapor 14'Ghost Carbon14' x 26"New$2,799$2,23920%
OxbowExplore Air 12'6"Inflatable12' 6" x 30"New$824.95$66020%
BicWing 11' AirInflatable11' x 32"New$699$59515%
StarboardAstro Drive - Deluxe 6"Inflatable10' 5" x 30"New$1,299$99923%
SurftechBark ContenderPro Elite12' 6" x 26.85"New$2,249$1,79920%
NSPDownwind Ocean Race14' x 26"Used$2,499$1,875
StarboardAll StarCarbon Sandwich12'6" x 26"Used$3399$2500
StarboardAllstar AST12'6" x 28"Used$1,999$1,099

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